Evan Patterson

I am a researcher and software developer with interests in...

  • Data science
  • Scientific computing
  • Applied category theory

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From the blog

Book review: Dynamical Biostatistical Models by Commenges and Jacqmin-Gadda (12/29/2020)

Despite their natural affinity, the statistical and mechanistic traditions of scientific modeling are often poorly integrated. I review a textbook on biostatistics that takes dynamical and mechanistic models seriously. Read more

Latest paper

Categorical data structures for technical computing, 2021. Evan Patterson, Owen Lynch, James Fairbanks.

Elaborating a core feature of Catlab, we argue that attributed C-sets, or "acsets" for short, offer a fundamental data structure for technical computing that generalizes both data frames and graphs, as well as more elaborate structures such as wiring diagrams and Petri nets. Read more