Evan Patterson

I am a researcher and software developer with interests in...

  • Data science
  • Scientific computing
  • Applied category theory

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From the blog

Book review: Dynamical Biostatistical Models by Commenges and Jacqmin-Gadda (12/29/2020)

Despite their natural affinity, the statistical and mechanistic traditions of scientific modeling are often poorly integrated. I review a textbook on biostatistics that takes dynamical and mechanistic models seriously. Read more

Latest paper

Wiring diagrams as normal forms for computing in symmetric monoidal categories, 2020. Evan Patterson, David I. Spivak, Dmitry Vagner.

We introduce a formalism for directed, acyclic wiring diagrams and explain how it leads to a normal form for morphism expressions in a symmetric monoidal category. We also discuss how directed wiring diagrams are implemented in Catlab. Read more