Evan Patterson

I am a research scientist and software developer with interests in...

  • Applied category theory
  • Statistics and data science
  • Scientific computing
  • Software systems

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Book review: Dynamical Biostatistical Models by Commenges and Jacqmin-Gadda (12/29/2020)

Despite their natural affinity, the statistical and mechanistic traditions of scientific modeling are often poorly integrated. I review a textbook on biostatistics that takes dynamical and mechanistic models seriously. Read more

Latest paper

A compositional account of motifs, mechanisms, and dynamics in biochemical regulatory networks, 2023. Rebekah Aduddell, James Fairbanks, Amit Kumar, Pablo S. Ocal, Evan Patterson, Brandon T. Shapiro.

Inspired by the philosophy of systems biology, we introduce a categorical formalism for biochemical regulatory networks, using signed graphs to model the networks and signed functors to describe occurrences of one network in another. We then give a functorial semantics to regulatory networks using Lotka-Volterra systems of differential equations. Read more