Evan Patterson
Stanford University,
Statistics Department

I'm a PhD student working to improve the scientific process through research in...

  • AI for data science
  • knowledge representation
  • applied category theory
...and other things!

What's new

From the blog

The role of abstraction in applied math (7/10/2018)

Why is mathematics so difficult to understand and communicate? Mathematicians and nonmathematicians alike often lay the blame on excessive abstraction. I argue instead that abstraction is essential to the mathematical process, even in applied mathematics, and that it need not be a barrier to comprehension by nonspecialists. Read more

Latest paper

Teaching machines to understand data science code by semantic enrichment of dataflow graphs, 2018. Evan Patterson, Ioana Baldini, Aleksandra Mojsilovic, Kush R. Varshney.

We refine our method for creating semantic representations of data science programs. We implement the method for both Python and R and we also release the first version of the Data Science Ontology. The ontology is written in a new ontology language called Monocl, for which we give a categorical semantics. Read more