Evan Patterson
Stanford University,
Statistics Department

I'm a PhD student working to improve the scientific process through research in...

  • Statistics and ML
  • Software systems
  • Applied category theory

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Book review: Representation and Invariance of Scientific Structures by Patrick Suppes (1/9/2019)

Sixty years ago, Patrick Suppes realized that the notion of a model of a logical theory, so essential to mathematical logic, applies equally well to models in science. I review his final book, on the use of formal models in science. Read more

Latest paper

Hausdorff and Wasserstein metrics on graphs and other structured data, 2019. Evan Patterson.

I extend ideas from optimal transport to structured data by probabilistically relaxing the notion of a homomorphism. As an application, I construct Wasserstein-style metrics on graphs, simplicial sets, and other structures. Read more