Evan Patterson

I am a researcher and software developer with interests in...

  • Data science
  • Scientific computing
  • Applied category theory

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Book review: Dynamical Biostatistical Models by Commenges and Jacqmin-Gadda (12/29/2020)

Despite their natural affinity, the statistical and mechanistic traditions of scientific modeling are often poorly integrated. I review a textbook on biostatistics that takes dynamical and mechanistic models seriously. Read more

Latest paper

The algebra and machine representation of statistical models, 2020. Evan Patterson.

In my PhD thesis, I draw a precise analogy between models in logic and statistics, enabling statistical models to be seen as models of theories, in the logical sense. This is accomplished using tools from algebra, particularly categorical logic. I develop the algebra of statistical theories and models and present a wide range of examples. In addition, I recapitulate and extend previous on the semantic modeling of data science code. Read more