Hi, I’m Evan

I’m Evan Patterson, an applied mathematician, data scientist, and software developer. I am presently focused on building next-generation tools for scientific modeling, using ideas from applied category theory. Beyond that, I’m an intellectual wanderer who enjoys exploring the broad contours of the mathematical and computational sciences.

A short autobiography

I am a research scientist at the Topos Institute. I earned my PhD in Statistics from Stanford University, where I was advised by Emmanuel Candes. Before that I received my BSc in Mathematics and Physics from Caltech.

In my spare time I can often be found reading. I love books and collect them obsessively. I’ve been a fan of speculative fiction since childhood. Lately I’ve developed a taste for philosophy, especially the philosophy of science. Among my more lowbrow hobbies, I enjoy drinking coffee and trying to lift heavy things (not simultaneously). Despite repeated attempts to reform me, I remain a dedicated fan of metal music.