Higher category theory

Higher categories are categories that allow morphisms between morphisms, and possibly morphisms between morphisms between morphisms, and so on. “Low-dimensional” higher category theory concerns bicategories and tricategories; beyond that, one turns to general notions of \(n\)-category and \(\infty\)-category.


A strict \(n\)-category is an enriched category in \(\mathbf{Set}\) iterated \(n\) times. What it means to be a weak \(n\)-category is the subject of intense research. The best understood of these are bicategories, treated on a separate page.


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    • Sec. 1-3: Monoidal categories and structures in them
    • Sec. 4: Penrose string notation, the precursor to string diagrams
    • Sec. 5: 2-categories and their presentation by computads
    • Sec. 6-10: Extensions to 3-categories and beyond
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    • A history of the Australian school’s contributions to higher category theory, written by one of its main workers
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\(n\)-fold categories

A strict \(n\)-fold category is an internal category in \(\mathbf{Set}\) iterated \(n\) times. For \(n = 0,1,2,3\), \(n\)-fold categories are sets, categories, double categories, and triple categories.

  • Majard, 2011, talk: N-tuple categories (slides)
    • Nice slides on double, triple, and n-fold categories with lots of pictures
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Higher-dimensional algebra

John Baez and collaborators have written a series of papers on higher-dimensional algebra , the program of categorifying classical mathematical structures like Hilbert spaces, groups, and Lie algebras.

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A rough draft of “HDA VIII: The Hecke bicategory” by Baez and Hoffnung has been circulated online but is not published.